Mrs Everything by Jennifer Weiner

In another of my 2019 favourites, Mrs. Everything is the story of two sisters, Jo and Bethie Kaufman who grew up in 1950’s Detroit.  It follows these women over several decades and clearly articulates how their lives evolved during this time frame.  Each sister grew up with dreams about how their life might be.  But life doesn’t always unfold the way one thinks it will.

The book represents the progress of women’s rights and how women’s role in society has changed throughout the decades.  The book acknowledges several key changes throughout the generations including the greater acceptance of homosexual relationships and mixed race relationships.  It takes us back to a time when abortions were illegal.  The characters in the book are not perfect - they have real flaws just like the rest of us.

I adored this book and it will resonate with me for the long-term.  Weiner has based much of this book on her own mother’s experience and knowing this makes the book all that more genuine.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes an inspirational, meaningful read.

My rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5.

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