Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler

My thoughts: Reminiscent of “A Man called Ove”, Redhead by the Side of the Road centres around Micah, a man with a carefully scripted schedule which guides him through life. Micah’s life is turned upside down when a lady friend faces eviction and a stranger connected to his past shows up at his door. These recent events cause stress to Micah’s world, but in turn, provide him with perspective and insight into his forecasted future.

My favourite part of the book were the humorous interactions that Micah has with the customers he meets in his technology support business. These are issues that many of us have either directly experienced, or experienced while helping others, while managing the sometimes frustrating world of computers.

Despite the fact that the length of book was short at 192 pages, I felt the book to be very slow moving - I kept waiting for something of importance to happen. I simply did not feel a real connection with this book which I put down to a mismatch of book to reader. I listened to the audiobook version of the book borrowed from my local library and enjoyed the performance of the narrator MacLeod Andrews.

My rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/5.

QOTD:  Are you a fan of a daily routine/schedule?  I'll answer first.  I like to have a routine to guide me through part of my day, but I certainly want to have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that come up during the day.


  1. I too listened to the audiobook version. I also agree with your observation. My question is the redhead. I missed the reference. Was it to do with missing the obvious in life? I’m lost

    1. Thanks for your question and comment! I think the reference to the "redhead" was actually Micah viewing fire hydrants without his glasses on.