Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You by Annie Lyons

Some authors have an ability to take a delicate, complex subject and make it enjoyable and meaningful. Annie Lyons does just that in Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You.

Eudora Honeysett is an eighty-five year old woman who lives alone. Physically, she does quite well swimming regularly and getting around to the shops. But emotionally, her life has been one filled with challenge. Eudora has always been so very responsible, always putting others’ needs ahead of her own. She is full of despair and contemplating how she would like to see her life end before the choice is taken away from her. Indeed, she begins exploring euthanasia in Switzerland. Then, one day a new young family moves in next door providing Eudora with something she didn’t even realize she was missing.

Rose is the ten year old that lives next door to Eudora. She is full of endless energy, enthusiasm and has a forthright way of speaking. Eudora and Rose become great friends, and bring out the best in one another. They soon add a fellow octogenarian, Stanley, to their trio and the three grow to develop one of the most caring and respectful relationships I can remember in the literary world.

The book is extremely moving. The story is told from two time periods - Eudora's earlier life, told from a series of memories, and now.  The characters are all well-developed and likeable. The book flows well and made me want to read on. Aging and the need to feel productive throughout our lives are themes in the book. Eudora’s past relationships and experiences in her life had kept her isolated for much of her later years: all too common in the way our culture perceives aging. It’s too bad we all don’t have a Rose to bring joy back into our lives as we enter our senior years.

I listened to the audiobook edition of this book which was narrated by Nicolette McKenzie who gave a superb performance. The versatility in her voice captures the age, gender and personalties of the characters very well. I would recommend listening to the audiobook version of this book which enhanced an already wonderful story.

Thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins Audio UK for the ARC of this book in exchange for the honest review provided here.

My rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/5.



  1. That sounds like a lovely read. Nice characters and an interesting structure by the sound of it. Definitely going on the 'to Read' list!

  2. Aw, this sounds both heartbreaking and adorable! You've got my interest so thank you! I'll make sure to keep some tissues closeby!

    Daisy xoxo | AccordingToDaisy

  3. How come she's contemplating assisted suicide before the choice is taken away from her? Does she have dementia or something?

    1. Great question! She was contemplating euthanasia while still healthy. No dementia - in fact she's a sharp as a tack! She just didn't want to decline in the future and have to go in a nursing home. I don't want to give any more away because it's such a great read!

  4. Sounds like a very interesting read for sure. I will have to have a read for sure

  5. I love when authors can take a complex subject and make it consumable, enjoyable, and all of that good stuff for readers. The storyline sounds very interesting. It is always nice to see a good friendship coming out and characters helping each other grow. Glad you enjoyed the read overall!

    Nancy ✨

  6. This sounds incredible! It's definitely a topic that you don't see written about a lot - I'd love to read it :)

  7. You really seem to love reading. Keep up the good work. You are good at it.