Summer on the Bluffs by Sunny Hostin - A Preview

Hi everyone! Today I'm previewing Summer on the Bluffs by Sunny Hostin which is being published by William Morrow and Custom House as well as Harper Audio on May 4/21.

Publisher's Description:

"Emmy Award winner, renowned lawyer and journalist, The View cohost, and National Bestselling author Sunny Hostin dazzles with this brilliant novel about a life-changing summer along the beaches of Martha's Vineyard.

Welcome to Oak Bluffs, the most exclusive black beach community in the country. Known for its gingerbread Victorian-style houses and modern architectural marvels, this picturesque town hugging the sea is a mecca for the crème de la crème of black society—where Michelle and Barack Obama vacation and Meghan Markle has shopped for a house for her mom. Black people have lived in this pretty slip of the Vineyard since the 1600s and began buying property in the 1800s, making this posh town the embodiment of “old money.”

Thirty years ago, Amelia Vaux Tanner and her husband built a house high on the bluffs, a cottage they named Chateau Laveau. For decades, “Ama” played host to American presidents, Wall Street titans, and cultural icons. But her favorite guests have always been her three “goddaughters:” Esperanza “Perry” Soto, a beautiful, talented Afro-Latina lawyer with Ama’s strong, yet guarded personality; Olivia Jones, a gifted Wall Street analyst with Ama’s brilliant, logical mind; and Billie Hayden, a gifted marine biologist and rule-breaker with Ama’s courageous free spirit.

Growing up, these three goddaughters from different backgrounds came together each summer at Chateau Laveau. As adults, the cottage is a place this trio of successful yet very different women go to escape, to slow down from their hectic lives, share private time with Ama, and enjoy the gorgeous weather, cool water, and stunning views Oak Bluffs offers.

This summer on the Bluffs, however, will be different. An era is ending: Ama, now nearing seventy-one, is moving to the south of France to reunite with her college sweetheart. She has invited Perry, Olivia, and Billy to spend one last golden summer together with her the way they did when they were kids. And when fall comes, she is going to give the house to one of them.

Each of the women wants the house desperately. Each is grappling with a secret she fears will hurt her and her chances. By the end of summer, old ties will fray, new bonds will be created, and these three found sisters will discover they aren’t the only ones with something to hide. Ama has a few secrets of her own. What she has to give them is far more than property. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, she will tell these surrogate daughters she fiercely loves and protects everything they never knew they needed to know".

Why I Decided to Read Summer on the Bluffs:

I chose this book because I enjoy Women's Fiction set in beach locations - who doesn't need an escape to the beach at this time of the year? I also appreciate the diversity of characters and the strong women represented in this book.

Last thoughts:

This is the first book in the author's Oak Bluff series and I like starting a series with its first release. I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing this book, so look for my full review during its publication week.

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  1. I love the sound of this and how diverse it is!! Definitely a book I'd like to read xx

  2. I love beach locations too, the perfect kind of books to read for an escape. I look forward to reading your review!

    Anika |

  3. This sounds like such a good pic - something that's a little out of the ordinary too - can't wait to see what you think of it, Jodie!

  4. This sounds like such a great book! I'm looking forward to reading your full review when it is released! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. This sounds like a wonderful book, definitely something I could see myself reading. I look forward to your review!x

  6. Great preview! Thank you for sharing this book with us! I really like the sound of it and I hope you enjoy reading it!

  7. This book sounds like a great read! I'm certainly interested, I love escaping into books and the beach sounds perfect. I'm a big fan of books with strong woman characters, and book with diversity. This book seems like best of both worlds. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the sound of this so definitely looking forward to seeing your full review when it comes out.

  9. This sounds like such a lovely book. I'd definitely like to read it.

  10. The story looks intimidating, and the location seems breathtaking, along with the mystery that captivates the readers. You picked the right book for all the right reasons.

    Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to your full review.

    Happy reads.

  11. This sounds like such a perfect summer read! Thanks for sharing your review of it!

    1. Thanks Charity but this is a preview. My full review will be coming in a few weeks!

  12. I love the sound of this one, I need to read this! It has the perfect level of intrigue but still sounds light, I'm looking forward to the full review!